feathers5 by Katariina Fagering

What is it that makes me always gather feathers? 

Perhaps they serve as a testament of a life lived closer to the edge,

where it is raw and real

and there is no feeling sorry for one’s self.

Her heart may have stopped beating

but a story of a graceful, tenacious way of existing

lives on in her feathers.

What remains is

imperfection & impermanence

~ a rich and aromatic life.

three feathers by Katariina Fagering

orange feather2 by Katariina Fagering

three feathers 3 by Katariina Fagering

wispy feather by Katariina Fagering

three feathers blurred by Katariina Fagering

clump of feathers by Katariina Fagering

feather haze by Katariina Fagering

orange feathers 1 by Katariina Fagering

three feathers 4 by Katariina Fagering

5 thoughts on “feather-gatherer

  1. Feathers are very special to me, I am a recovering addict with long term clean time, when I first started developing a relationship with a Higher Power I could not believe the love and care I received. Feathers became a talisman for me. Every time I would doubt my HP’s love and care, I would come across a feather. It was like a hug from my HP. I have feathers all over my home, and yes my HP continues to send them my way.

  2. Beautiful! My daughter is a fellow feather-gatherer, and we were wondering if you knew what bird the orange-black feathers came from. We cant figure it out. Thanks!

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