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Call of the Wild Soul Art Retreat

November 7 – 10, 2013

Katariina Petaluma

We are so blessed that Katariina will be speaking alongside Jess Greene at our opening ceremony!

In her talk, Katariina will lure you out of the comfort and safety of your shoes so that you can dance your audaciously authentic story with wild, courageous vulnerability to discover what magic awaits you on the barefoot side of life where devotion to your inner divinity is requisite.

Katariina is a stirrer of souls; a midwife of wholeness and an advocate of beauty, art, and healing.  She believes in audacious creative living, and the power of Ubuntu – that we are all One.  She is grateful for the privilege to wander from state to state exploring the natural world as a peaceful nomad in her gypsy caravan with her beautiful family.


croydon-hall by Katariina Fagering

Call of the Wild Soul Art Retreat

October 6th, 2012

Katariina Fagering was the keynote speaker for the opening night of

Call of the Wild Soul Art Retreat in Somerset, England.

She spoke of Audacious Ubuntu and how art heals.

self-portrait-2bw by Katariina Fagering

img_5742 by Katariina Fagering

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