Iraq 2006

I spent a year in Fallujah, Iraq as a Captain in the Marine Corps. These are some of the photos I captured on my travels throughout Al Anbar. I shoot with both a Holga and a canon 5D.

11 thoughts on “Iraq 2006

    • Thanks Karla. How is your son doing? It can be an epic journey just to find your way back after you return. I can’t imagine having a child in war, that must be such a mixture of emotion. I’m happy to hear he is back and I hope we can all come home soon.


  1. Katariina,

    Thank you for posting these pictures…it gives me (us) a picture of war from inside – out. With love. Gayane.

  2. Hi Katarrina-

    I popped over from the Story Academy. Hope you don’t mind.

    I find your Iraq photographs really moving. My experience there has been an entirely different thing. I go to the north, and teach photography to kids on the margins there. I think what I appreciate most from these photographs is that everyone shown, civilians and soldiers, are shown with dignity.

    Peace to you as you make your way forward…

    • Erin, Wow! You have been in Iraq? and you are teaching photography?? That is amazing. One of the most frustrating things about serving in Iraq was that I was in a uniform carrying two or more weapons coming into the homes with a convoy of hummers and every house had to be searched before we could enter. It was so necessary but I felt it was so offensive and interfered with true connecting. Thank you for seeing my photos in their true light and thank you for the work you do! It inspires me.

      Peace to you,

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