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I’m a midwife of possibilities, a collector of sacred stories and a warrior for authenticity. I am a feather-gatherer, tree-listener and barefoot dancer. I strive to live an audacious life closer to the edge, with an earthy integrity that is raw, real and often vulnerable.

Writer * Speaker * Photographer * Mother * Artist

Creating and storytelling hold the power to heal our wounded souls. When women gather together to create or share stories there is a powerful healing energy that rises up; we need each other’s stories.

In my past I spent a lot of time as a Marine and had my heart broken wide open by my experiences during the war in Iraq.  I now see Iraq as a gift that opened my heart so wide that it will never be able to shut. Now I spend my days learning to navigate life with my vulnerable strength.

Recently we abandoned our nomadic life on the road in our gypsy love caravan to nestle into a little house in the high desert of central Oregon.

Hope you enjoy my ever-evolving journey, Katariina

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8 thoughts on “katariina

  1. wow! i was at squam for the first time too — my dad’s a retired marine (vietnam siege of khe sahn he was an officer, me a 9 year old who missed him)…i’m planning on going already again next year so hope to catch you then!
    ~ patricia

    • Your dad lived through some tough stuff (putting it mildly) in Khe Sahn during the battle. I’ve met a few others who were there as well. I actually backpacked through Vietnam in 1995 from Hanoi to Saigon & took a trip up to Khe Sahn & cried. There was too much death in that country for centuries really. It’s like Vietnam is always getting stomped on by someone. Nothing will grow on the landing strip there. It’s just a strip of red clay. Tell your dad thank you for all he sacrificed to serve our country. I hope to see you next year.

  2. Hi Katariina, I found your blog through a facebook site, your “Gypsy Chair” captivated me! It is a wonderful piece! I understand and applaud your intention of self expression, and self discovery. Good for you. I look forward to being inspired by your posts. Bless you.

    • Kimberly, Sorry for such a long delay in responding. I’ve been dealing with surgeries and stuff. I have considered selling prints – let me look into different options. Thank you for the nudge and the interest. Let me know how I can get a hold of you when I figure it out.

  3. I came across you site because of my desire to ‘funk up’ a small side stand. Your Gypsy Chair was exactly what my wife envisioned! I showed her your work and she replied a resounding YES! And overall your site is great, being a 50+ year photog and a painter I have added your page to my favorites list! Peace

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