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Bella LIB

Let me jump right in after a long hiatus and share with you my newest passion – film making. I’m just a beginner but I am having so much fun with it. I know I’m onto something because, like painting, I can loose time editing a film that I shot. It’s so fun and so rewarding.

Here is my latest film that I created for a fundraiser event for my son’s school, The Waldorf School of Bend.

I have three other films on Vimeo that you can check out if you like. All of them are short, sweet and to the point. Click here to see the other films!

Sebastian LIB

This film making dream of mine, gurgled under my skin for a few years before I was able to actually make my first film, Heart Bomb. Although I owned all the equipment and editing software and even took an editing class, I still felt stuck and overwhelmed not knowing where to begin. This went on for a few years and then everything turned around when I found a mentor in town. She is an experienced documentary film maker who was able to take my hand, give me some advice, some technical pointers and most of all, encouragement. Everything opened up for me and my dream after our first session.

aaron LIB

It’s amazing what one can accomplish with the right tools and support – especially the right kind of support.

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ps. I hope to hear from you!