I bow to you . . .

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The Subject of a My Devotion

 Larry (Laz) Ogden – my betrothed, beloved in life, love & the great mystery; grower of greens, sunflowers & wild beings. Lover of life, adventure & oceans;

I bow to you.

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Your dedication to protecting & providing for all who live within your heart is miraculous.

Your unconditional love for me in every which way I show up inspires my heart to soften & open more.

my boys swirling in love

my boys swirling in love

The Divine Mother surely has anointed you for her love for you is tangible. In return your devotion to her is the gift I receive.

Larry Ogden photo by Katariina Fagering Your spontaneity & boyish playfulness keeps us both young, alive & crackling with the creative life force.

I feel so honored & blessed to be the Priestess who walks along side you in this lifetime.

we three black and white

Our love is a meditation, a ritual passed down from the ancient times. When the Goddess had a place in the people’s hearts. The Heiros Gamos (Sacred Marriage). Together we become as God, fusing the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

As in heaven, so on earth.

Ours is a sacred journey, an ancient dance, moving to the music, the sound of Mother Earth.

Protected by the wisdom of time there is nothing to learn but merely remember how the ancestors created a harmonious alchemy of extremes between fear & bliss as we reenact our own timeless mythology of sacred love between the beloveds.

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My devotion to you is endless.

On this Valentines Day & everyday, I bow to you.