66 million trees lost this year

As I walked along the path down the middle of the boulevard this little shiny star caught my eye. So tiny, so bright, so misplaced. My hope is that everyone that notices it will smile upon seeing it.

We have had such a severe draught this past year in Houston that the water table is lowered considerably & trees that were taken care of by the water underground and the regular rain are now suffering & dying. This is a little memorial I created this morning on my walk to commemorate all the trees that have been lost this year, changing the look & feel of Houston for years to come.

This was a freshly cut tree marked with the orange spray paint. I gathered the sticks from its branches & built a little raft with a shell of berries for sustenance. I covered the hole with a web of sticks & then honored the hole with other natural do dads from around the stump. I didn’t actually give it much thought, just threw it together with what was available.

My hope is that everyone who walks by & sees it will smile a bit & think about it. Perhaps they will ask a question or just get it immediately & say thank you to the trees that have passed & love the ones that are still thriving.

shell of berries

Walking is getting more difficult as I have to photograph everything & now stop & build little natural sculptures. Perhaps nature isn’t the best place for me to move my body!! To much beauty & intrigue catching my eye. It’s much too distracting. :o)