scanning sunflowers

this is what i played with today!!! I’m so excited about this new process that is so easy. a friend recently showed me some images of flowers she had taken on her scanner that were so incredible i had to try.

after some experimentation & a little Photoshop touch up/spotting this is it!!! TaaaaDaaaa!!! can you tell I’m excited?

so if you want to try this on your scanner this is what i did, but it’s purely about experimenting.

step one:  I took a small cardboard box (all I could find) .

Step two: i put a hole in the box (no wait!! That wasn’t it, just kidding, if you got the joke than good on ya mate!, if you didn’t then ask me offline :o))

the REAL step two: i put black construction paper in the box. I sort of shoved it in there so it curved on the corners.

step three: wipe the scanner dust free!

step four: place the flower on the scanner & the box over the scanner hit scan and see what pops up.

step five: crop, darken overall image & do whatever tricks or actions you like in Photoshop or elements.

i love the depth & clarity of these images. the red bottle below is a tiny apothecary bottle that my sister, Kristeen, gave me. she gave me a few of them but this one is the coolest because of the tree of life. the brown bottle is just a liquid stevia bottle from Whole Foods. we grew these smaller flowers in our garden & then dried them several months ago ~ they just keep on giving!

next i want to experiment with other objects to see how they turn out. perhaps fruit, or utensils or who knows. if you try it, please share what you came up with. if you need any tips let me know OR if you have any tips for me. it’s more fun to create together.

in case you are curious or just annoyed, i’m writing in all lower case because i’m feeling childlike, giddy & free today! i wonder if it had anything to do with coming clean about melancholy’s visit last week? hmmmm, i love that dirty laundry.

red tree of life apothecary bottle