a Tuesday in my life . . .

dandelion root tea w/ sassafrass

I had such an amazing day today, Tuesday (don’t you just love Tuesdays?), the last Tuesday in August. I love how everything is shifting for me, in my inner & outer worlds. I just feel better with more energy, more joy, more focus. It just feels good all over. Today was for some reason just so delicious. I started it with a cup of dandelion & sassafrass root tea. I have many dried roots that I’m experimenting with. Dandelion root is great for digestion & heaven knows I need all the help I can get. Actually, now that I’m mostly eating raw & realizing how important consuming tons of water is everything is flowing much better! (I bet you’re glad for that update! :o)).

I wrote a job description while sipping my root tea for a position for our newest company, Wildcat Bulk Water Services. It was written for a Marine who is transitioning into the “real” world to help us deliver bulk water. Yippy, it’s all coming together so easily. I’ll write more about this in another post.

For lunch I met my beautiful friend & soul-sister at Tiny’s Boxwood for our second lunch in two weeks. This is actually is born from an intention to grow our community here in Houston. Sara is a great friend who is completely aligned with me & yet it has been months since we have made time to see each other. But now I am making a commitment to open up & allow community & friendship to come into my life. We shared this amazing Beet Burger minus bun. Yum, I didn’t know they could do that to beets.

the glowing Sara @ Tiny's

After lunch I had time to puruse through a new antique store in the Heights. I actually fell in love with a ring & then was able to talk myself away from the edge & out of wanting/needing desperately to buy it all in the 15 minutes before picking up Raine from school.

We went to JoAnnes for some fabric for a skirt for Raine & curtains for our backyard naked patio. This is the fabric I chose for the curtain. What do you think?

new curtain fabric!

Larry, Finn & I went to pick up our bushel of luscious fruit & veggies at the Rawfully Organic Co-op tonight just to get hugs from the lovely Kristina. She is this incredibly dynamic woman that I want to hang out with. She runs the co-op & about a dozen other things!

The Lovely Kristina & her beet!


Rawfully Organic

Kristina & Lisa at Rawfully Organic

I took my bushel of veggies & chopped it up into this delicious chop salad for dinner!! so Goooood.

chop salad

Raine sewed up this sweet skirt tonight for picture day tomorrow. She is so crafty! She got the idea off of the Sweet Verbena blog.

Raine Sewing

Raine's Handmade Skirt

After whipping up this skirt she did her homework & then baked cupcakes to give to some friends at school tomorrow. What a gal!!! I’m so proud of her creativity & ability to just independantly jump into projects.

Okay now I’m sitting with Larry both of us with our laptops open, eating cold watermelon listening to Adele on Pandora. Time for bed.



living coconut cream pie. . . oh my!

living coconut cream pie

So this was the coolest pie to make. It’s all with raw ingredients, basically every part of the coconut & then dates. I got the recipe from Laura Plum’s blog, Food: a Love Story. She says it came from “Cafe Gratitude’s I Am Grateful Recipe book by Terces Engelhart, which I so gratefully received from a friend. If there is one raw food recipe book to have, for me it is this one. Along with great recipes it is filled with techniques, inspiration, and a fabulous Resource list at the back.”  (Cafe Gratitude in San Fran is a place I want to visit soon)

I think I need that recipe book as well. It’s funny, I have been called to eat a raw diet most of my life, but for so many different reasons, I never did. There is something about it, that resonates with my soul. I have never been a meat eater & I LOVE fruit. I was not raised on much dairy & have probably never drank a full glass of milk – ever. I first became interested in a healthier lifestyle when I was a young buck in the Marine Corps & I read Fit for Life. I have held onto some of the basic principles from that book over the years. I have tried many different kinds of eating habits that just were not a fit or didn’t stick for whatever reasons. Eating healthy in the Marine Corps is not always the easiest thing to do.

But all the signs always point me back to yoga & vegan raw. Hmmmmmm????? Is this something I should actually assimilate, once & for all? Perhaps it could clear up some of the difficulties I have with digestion, depression, PTSD, anxiety, etc. etc. etc. You think?

Well anyways, this pie is fabulous, we loved it. Go to Laura’s blog to find the recipe & many other recipes as well.

Nom Nom Nom


Oh & we picked up our first box from the Rawfully Organic Co-op & oh my goodness, there was such a bounty of goodies. Raine was so inspired she made herself a juice with 5 strawberries, a sweet apple, & an orange. She called it Raine’s Juicy Fruit.

Just some of the bounty

Raine's Juicy Fruit

Raine is really great at coming up with great concoctions. Yesterday she put a cucumber with a pear & a granny smith. It was like liquid fresh-ness, a living elixir.  I forgot what she called it, but we’re going to document them so we can easily recreate. I usually just throw a little of every veggie we have on hand & sweeten up with a pear, apple or strawberries.

I’m enjoying this journey, I’ve never been a foodie so it is odd for me to be writing so much about food but I’m really loving this kind of food & what a better way to live juicier than to drink juice!!! :o)

ps. I am embarrassed to report that Raine is cooking SPAM in a frying pan as I write this. She is making a SPAM sandwich. I think she thinks it’s an Asian thing & part of her heritage. She’s just doing her part, I guess. :o)

pastries & juice

Green Goddess Smoothie

This morning we drank Green Goddess Smoothies for breakfast. I got the recipe off of Laura Plumb’s Blog, “Food a Love Story” Laura is my best friend, Ginger (aka Dianne)’s good friend & sister in yoga. Larry & are wanting to juice more frequently & possibly juice for a week or so as sort of a fast. We are constantly looking for better health. Have you seen “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead?” It’s a documentary about juicing changing the health of so many. Great movie, we watched it on Netflix streaming videos.

We also joined a co-op called Rawfully Organic here in Houston, where we get a box of local veggies every week. This is so fun, to be this connected to what we eat & for it to be so life giving. I’ve always had an inclination for a more vegetarian/raw lifestyle, but just haven’t done it. AND . . . we joined Urban Harvest after visiting an organic soil farm (Nature’s Way)up north a bit. Urban Harvest has classes & advice to grow your own garden. We are just babies in this gardening stuff, but are so excited for our next crop with great, organic soil.

THEN, there was a huge shift over to This the finale of Raine’s Teen Pastry Class at Sur La Table. Larry joined her for the entire class (he’s such a wonderful Pappa Bear). I joined them later for the tasting. It warms my heart to see her in her element & so happy. She had a ton of fun, oh & her team won the competition with their Vanilla Souffle with Chocolate Sauce. I tasted Turtle brownies, Blue Berry Tart with Cream Cheese Ice Cream, Apricot ravioli & then the souffle. Yum, Yum, Yum!! Oh & a solo espresso to top it off. Heavenly!!!!! It felt a bit like France or Rome.

Fresh out of the oven.

Team Souffle

Final Prep

great presentation

so cute & yummy

Happy Souffle

Pappa Bear Tastes the Masterpiece

Okay so now that the class was over & we were buzzing on sugar & sweets it was time to switch gears once more – it was time for juicing with our new Breville Juicer. We mixed, kale, cucumbers, ginger, spinach, apples, carrots, oh & a little stevia & mint from our garden. This was our first run & it was so delicious.

2 greenies

Breville Juicer

larry is very excited!

Today we juiced again & later I’m going to make a living coconut cream pie! I can’t wait to try it. You know I will take photos & give a full report after!! Just making this the juiciest weekend ever.