double exposures . . .


There is something about a double or triple exposure and blurred images that just makes me so happy.  Perhaps it is because it depicts time as overlapping, or that we can be in two places at once. The idea of parallel lives and time being soft intrigues me to no end. Sometimes it hints at the notion of us having many sides to ourselves alive and colliding all at the same time. Like when the little girl inside who just wants to stay home and play collides with the mother who has to be responsible and make some money to pay the rent.  Blurred images like the one above remind me of impressionistic paintings. There is a certain mystery to this style of photography.

I shot these images with one of my favorite cameras is the Diana. Just this summer I started to play around with her again and I’m in love what is being created. To me it is some kind of magic. This new Diana was modeled after the 1960s version and it creates dreamy, ethereal images.

A teacher of mine recently commented that my photography, even my war images have a certain romantic quality about them. This makes sense to me since I’m highly influenced by Anne Brigman (click on this link and scroll down to see some of her images) who was a photographer around 1910s and shot very soft, dreamy romantic images.

Diana is peculiar because she is plastic, blue and quirky; oh and temperamental. She takes 120 film and shoots it in a square format. She has light leaks, vignettes, blurs, etc. She is similar to the Holga another plastic camera, but something a little different, I’m not sure I can even describe. It is amazing that each image on the roll of 16 images is in its own way so unique and interesting to me.

To learn more about Diana, Holga or Lomos go to

Thanks for indulging me with your time to view my work. My beautiful daughter, Raine lent me her modeling skills and my dear friend Magdalena lent me her home, backyard and beautiful dress.

Big Luscious Love,



lomo photography in San Fransisco

Recently we flew to San Fransisco for a dear friend’s wedding and stayed downtown at the Marine Memorial Hotel near Union Square.  On one of our outings to find trains for Finnegan to ride we stumbled upon the Lomography store & Larry bought me a new toy camera to play with.

As many of you know, I love double or triple exposures and this camera lets you play with that. My first photos were taken with a special red toned film that Lomography makes. I used to make multiple exposures as an accident, but I’ve now been playing around with making them intentionally.

These are some of the first images I took while cruising around San Fransisco.