Emerging from Squam . . .

On Sunday, I returned from four fabulous days in the wild creativity of New Hampshire. I was in Holderness on the edge of Lake Squam attending the Squam Art Workshops. I had an amazing time, learned so many things (mostly about color, Yay!!!) & was inspired beyond expectation.  I love to lose myself in creating & playing with art but when it is done in a group of people it is magical. I can’t wait to go back again & again. I would love to have you all join me next time!

I want to share with you some of the amazing people I met but first I think I will just show you some of the poetry I was inspired to create in photo images while walking on the pine needle covered paths that connect all the cabins.

my cabin - sunny bank

my room

I was the only one with my own cabin, everyone else shared. This was the perfect experience I needed to be alone with my thoughts, but it did get lonely at times & who knows what could have bloomed had I had some housemates. Next year I’d like to have a more community oriented experience perhaps I will bring Larry too. He would be in heaven surrounded by all those beauties.

two loons swam by

squam lake

waters edge

the ice house

a real ice box filled everyday with lake ice from last winter

color-full people

Jennifer Lee - author of the book The Right Brained Business

self-portrait with new retro app