there’s nothing serious going on here

naked in costa rica

I’m not sure where I got this saying from but I find myself using it often lately. It just somehow seems so appropriate when things are going awry and our best laid plans are unravelling. I mean no one has a severed limb, no sucking chest wounds, the house is still standing and we have pay checks coming in every month, so nothing can be that dire, to lose our joy over.

I’m not sure what should be considered serious, or when this statement may not fit for us, but for now even though our pool contractor screwed us out of thousands of dollars, the IRS informed us of an impending audit, we have an ongoing, never-ending lawsuit filed for custody issues, we have nearly a million dollars in debt, I struggle weekly with PTSD and depression symptoms, my father has dementia . . . even though all of that exists there is so much joy, so many giggles, so many possibilities & opportunities, so much creativity, music, dancing, and LOVE going on here that all of that stuff mentioned earlier is not so serious.

This is why I find myself repeating, “there’s nothing serious going on here.” So I ask my family that we tread softly on each other’s toes when dancing with one another,  remember to give hugs and plenty of kisses, be each other’s biggest fan. Oh and validate each other with adoration and acceptance. These are powerful tools for transformation.

Finnegan Nash

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