feed that which gives you life in every moment

Santa Fe is a pretty magical place in itself but amongst all those little adobe houses all molded together with mud there are a few enchanted spaces that exist for sacred gatherings, soft cultivation, and simple being. In these spaces time seems to stand still, perhaps they only exist in an alternative time space continuum that exists parallel to ours because when you enter with aligned energy it is as if you are stepping into another country and time period.

One such place has been cultivated by my dear friend Gregorio. The house on the corner of Alto street doesn’t seem to be anything too special until you sit for a while, soak in the energy, sip some tea and take in the array of collections from around the world. It’s not just the house or its caretaker, Gregory, but all the beings who orbit in this world.

After ten years of tending and caring for this tiny space with expansive heart Gregory is moving on and into a new space to cultivate, curate and unravel into new adventures.

” . . . from the old worn chair of my grandfather with a tear in my eye, and a smile upon my heart.”  Gregory reminds us, “to feed that which gives you life in every moment, mostly by remembering that something is constantly dying to keep you alive, every day.”

Here are some photos of his enchanted space.

The Apricot Tree



chop wood