Mr. M Responds Eloquently (Part 2)

Mr. M responded to my blog yesterday as I had hoped. Tears of relief and gratitude fell down my cheeks as I read his email. He not only got my message but was able to hear my heart and respond so graciously and eloquently.

Some of you suggested that he was “evil” but I knew better and it was never my intention to lash out at him, I just wanted to get his attention and share my heart. Turns out he is actually a gentlemen. You can see for yourself.

Thank you for your post and I congratulate you on the way you express and write.  I have decided that after all this I don’t intent to unsubscribe and would like for you to post that this “cyber bully” and clone of Kevin Spacey’s character in House of Cards has seen the light.
We republican lobbyists can also make mistakes and let our emotions take the best of us.  I offer my deepest apologies for the unacceptable way I expressed my feelings and frustration and for the way I affected your writing and creative flow.
Finally, this last post from you made me realize how people’s words can impact the soul and essence of others.  I hope you forgive me and share this post.
Let me know your thoughts!
Your “cyber bully”

I am grateful for this opportunity to dispel my fears and reluctance to write from my heart. This past year has been a doozy and continues along that track, I have so much to write about and now the veil has been lifted and there is no need for fear or trepidation on my side.

As I write this a Stellar’s Jay just landed on our hot tub looking all regal with a charcoal head and blue body. Stellar’s Jays are so wise they carry the truth of the heart and clarity of thought. Sometimes because of their wit, intellect and spiritual knowing. They have strong communication abilities but often with a sharp jab. They would do well to exercise judgement, care and diplomacy. In other words not succumb to being a bully. Have you ever seen a Blue Jay squawk at other birds around a bird feeder and watch them all fly away? They ask us to be honest, forthright and take action. I can think of more than a few times I’ve been accused of being a bully; perhaps my Mr. M is merely the outward personification of my own inner bully – rather than the other way around.

Thank you Mr. M for your generous response and heart felt honesty. You totally made my year!

Much Love,


“all i did was listen” a juicy blog

Fergie is singing Big Girls Don’t Cry on my playlist. Love this song for some reason. I think it is because she is leaving him to pursue her dreams. Yay!!! Not that she is leaving him, but that she chooses to follow her own inner guidance over not wanting to hurt others. Of course, we do know that big girls DO cry. Well I think they do anyways, I mean I do all the time & it feels great. So if you are a big girl and you’re not crying you may want to try it. Fergie is a sage filled with wisdom delivered with a sexy voice and a nice melody.

love this smile

But what I really wanted to tell you about was Rachel and her blog. I just discovered it this morning and LOVed it so much I wanted to share it with everyone I know. The name is what got me “all i did was listen” & then her playful, colorful artwork made me want to call her for a playdate sometime.

I immediately emailed her to ask permission to share her images & talk about her here. She was so tickled & in turn she tickled me with her message, so much so that I have to share it with you all. I hope she is okay with this but it is too precious to keep to myself.

oh, dear katariina,
i leap over to you, barefoot, with YESYESYES!
thank you so much for asking!
i am honored & singing.
i also took a peek at your gypsy love cafe
& took in the juicy wonders of your life
& just love all that you are swimming in!
a kiss to your life!

Here is her blog address, but I’ve also linked both of the images here. Dive in & have fun!