sculpting with polymer clay

Lately I visions of a large sculpted women dancing through the air have been settling into my psyche, so I decided to make a mini-replica (a rough cut) of my idea out of polymer clay so I could show my art teacher, Armando. I want her to pivot on her foot and turn on a lazy Susan style device. I call her Bella Donna. (her butt was flattened in the baking process, yikes!)

This is what emerged from deep within me; a woman without arms, instead wings, a large booty, slightly arabesque, no ears and a crown on a bald head. Now that she is out and in clay formation. There are so many more at the door waiting to be formed.

There is something about art in this tangible, structured form that feels so easy, fluid, & capable of saying everything within me.

Now, the only question is how do I get her to be life-sized so she can float in our front yard!!!

bella donna by Katariina FAgering