Soulful Art Exhibit & Cocktail Party, Oct 1st, 2016


Casting Off: an Opening and a Closing. 7-10 pm 1065 Paiute Way, Suite 120, Bend, OR 97702.

Come celebrate this opening and closing of a body of work by ME! This work chronicles the year long journey of healing from breast cancer. Everyone is faced with unfathomably painful events during their lifetime and this body of work looks at how I moved through the fear, the pain and the grief of having cancer to find the gift on the other side.

My narrative paintings tell the story of different moments where instead of collapsing into myself I opened up to what needed to be expressed and got busy with my canvas, paint and brushes. This body of work has never been viewed in its entirety in one space so this evening represents both an opening and a closing of this journey and this work.

There will be an Opening Ceremony by local artist, Julia Junkins to set the soulful intention for the evening at 7pm followed by music, cocktails, food and interactive surprises.

I believe my work is especially poignant when you consider that I am a retired Marine Corps Captain who served a tour in Fallujah Iraq in 2006. Military women are 20 – 40% more likely to get breast cancer than their civilian counterparts. Just saying.



Saturn Rising by Katariina Agnes Fagering          30×30 on canvas 

Artist Statement from Katariina:

Katariina Agnes Fagering is a midwife of possibilities, collector of sacred stories, and a motorcycle-riding warrior for truth, beauty and above all things- love. Her paintings explore that ethereal world that is often experienced on a subconscious level, reaching into your memories and pulling out something that can’t always be articulated right away. Mystical animals, women and ancient symbols appear on the canvas often even surprising Katariina. She believes firmly that every painting she paints is painted for another and just needs to find its match, because this happens over and over again.

She lives here in Bend with her family.

Event Page:


Exhausted by Katariina Agnes Fagering     30×30 on Canvas



“all i did was listen” a juicy blog

Fergie is singing Big Girls Don’t Cry on my playlist. Love this song for some reason. I think it is because she is leaving him to pursue her dreams. Yay!!! Not that she is leaving him, but that she chooses to follow her own inner guidance over not wanting to hurt others. Of course, we do know that big girls DO cry. Well I think they do anyways, I mean I do all the time & it feels great. So if you are a big girl and you’re not crying you may want to try it. Fergie is a sage filled with wisdom delivered with a sexy voice and a nice melody.

love this smile

But what I really wanted to tell you about was Rachel and her blog. I just discovered it this morning and LOVed it so much I wanted to share it with everyone I know. The name is what got me “all i did was listen” & then her playful, colorful artwork made me want to call her for a playdate sometime.

I immediately emailed her to ask permission to share her images & talk about her here. She was so tickled & in turn she tickled me with her message, so much so that I have to share it with you all. I hope she is okay with this but it is too precious to keep to myself.

oh, dear katariina,
i leap over to you, barefoot, with YESYESYES!
thank you so much for asking!
i am honored & singing.
i also took a peek at your gypsy love cafe
& took in the juicy wonders of your life
& just love all that you are swimming in!
a kiss to your life!

Here is her blog address, but I’ve also linked both of the images here. Dive in & have fun!

sitting on my shelf

but does it sing?

I have a shelf in my kitchen/great room area where I set the painting I’m working on. I walk by it, sit in front of it, ignore it and sometimes drink coffee looking at it. It’s a chance for the painting to grow further under my skin and point out the little details it needs to be complete (well as complete as it will be).

Here are some more paintings I’ve been working on.

when whales fly

walk away

He loves me, he loves me not

Om Shanti

Now I know