sculpting with polymer clay

Lately I visions of a large sculpted women dancing through the air have been settling into my psyche, so I decided to make a mini-replica (a rough cut) of my idea out of polymer clay so I could show my art teacher, Armando. I want her to pivot on her foot and turn on a lazy Susan style device. I call her Bella Donna. (her butt was flattened in the baking process, yikes!)

This is what emerged from deep within me; a woman without arms, instead wings, a large booty, slightly arabesque, no ears and a crown on a bald head. Now that she is out and in clay formation. There are so many more at the door waiting to be formed.

There is something about art in this tangible, structured form that feels so easy, fluid, & capable of saying everything within me.

Now, the only question is how do I get her to be life-sized so she can float in our front yard!!!

bella donna by Katariina FAgering

monotype for a beginner (me!)

my last monotype

For the last few months I’ve been taking a class on Monotypes. When I signed up for the class I actually thought we were going to be making something that I now know is called linoleum prints. Although I was at first a little disappointed, I became pleasantly surprised when I found out how fun & addictive this medium really is.

Armando Rodriguez taught the class in such a laid back yet supportive way that made it fun to just explore different styles, different palettes & more.

It turns out that I learned that a monotype is a print made from a plate that can printed only once. It is not like a linoleum print or a wood block print that can be printed again & again. It turns out that they are discovering that most of the great artist have done some monotypes throughout the past few hundred years.


painting the plate

The process begins by painting onto plexiglass, letting the paint dry, soaking cotton paper in water for a few minutes, blotting the water off the paper, laying the paper on the plate & running it through the printing press. Then wahla!!! There is the print, like magic. It’s so fun.

painted plexiglass

Scotti at the press

Maria painting - (Maria was Armando's art teacher in high school! Isn't that so cool?)

Prints drying

Most of those in this class have been taking the monotype class for maybe years. They just show up semester after semester to play & create with Armando & each other. They are very bonded & developed as artists. It was fun to be a part of this group, show up every week & spend the Thursday mornings with them.

I spent the class trying on different styles to see what works best with this medium. I did some scratching away, some impressionistic landscapes, abstracts, & flowers. I wanted to try out some nudes, perhaps by scratching them out & maybe I will get to that later.

one of my prints

my print

my print

pinned to my wall

If you google monotype & go to the images you will see the most vast & amazing array of monotypes that have been created by others. So cool to see the swirling sea of creativity!!