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  1. Hello Katariina,

    What a beautiful, luscious space you have created here. This feels like the perfect place to go to get out of the rain. I look forward to meandering the rich creative pathways here and many happy returns.


  2. Hi Kateriina, thank you for your lovely message on my blog, of course you can feature my muscle car t-shirt post on your blog, that would be lovely!
    I have just had another browse through your blog, having only ujst found it recently, and it is really interesting reading all of your posts and seeing your beautiful photography and artwork. I embarked on a juice fast once for two weeks, with a three day water fast first, and I felt really amazing, even afterwards, refreshed and revitalised, I hope you continue to enjoy yours and find some digestive refeif!
    You have inspired me to make a raw coconut pie myself, it looks delicious.
    Rose x

  3. Kateriina,

    It was a sincere pleasure to reconnect via the yoga retreat last weekend. Thank you for your service to our country and your commitment to creativity! May it continue to heal you as it heals those who have the chance to view and experience your vibrant, sincere, heart felt, soul connection creations. I enjoy your writing as it is ever so real just like you! Please continue your masters with 10,000 hours and beyond as moves you in each beloved moment. You offer a precious resource that the world needs more than ever.

    Cheers, Peace, Love, Joy, Play and Laughter,


  4. Hello there Katariina!
    I have to say that I have been inspired by your work since the day I first met you. You may recall it was a few years ago at an art day in Lake Elsinore. I was visiting my sister (and your friend) Christine and she invited me to help with setting up the booth for you and Robin Golden (she is also such a fabulous artist, as you already know!) Since that day I have wanted to try my hand at mixed media painting and so many other things. I have alredy been doing some sewing, and am just starting my own blog! I also want to start doing things with photography (I have been wanting to do that for as long as I can remember). Basically I just wanted you to know that you have inspired me to tap into my creative side and really ‘go for it’ without worrying about what other people think, because the person this is truley for is ME!

    • Rachel, thank you so much for such a sweet message. It touches my heart deeply. I am so glad you wrote, because I have a present for you!!! Remember a year ago, you said you wanted to be one of the 5 people I made a gift for. I haven’t forgotten!! Can you send me your address again and I will get it off to you!!!

      So Much Love to you Rachel, Keep creating. Maybe Ginger and I will have an art gathering and invite people in just to play!

  5. Dear Katariina,
    I love your art especially the ” I know me” because it represents for me: grace.
    I had the impulse to cast a wise women circle for Easter Monday in the Netherlands, on the theme : “Celebrating Grace”. Grace in the feminine perspective. In the meaning of celebrating life, celebrating ourselves as beings of light and love, WE ARE GRACE.
    In consequence this means we can give each other the blessings, grace is coming and spreading through us. We do not need to study for a degree in order achieve a license for this. How is that? What do I experience when I give you the blessings, what happens to you if you receive the blessings through me?
    I would like to ask you if I am allowed to use the photo of this artwork on the flyer for this event.
    With love, Edda

  6. Hi there, love your blog, love the eclectic as part of the title, love the vibe! And looking forward to meeting you at call of the wild soul in the uk in September x

  7. I like your art and creativity very much. I am not an artist, but a poet. Still I have always loved the works of artists. Do you know of other blogs I could go to experience this same kind of freedom?

    There is only now;
    Mystery is our inheritance.
    Follow it to the end.

  8. Hi Katarina, Love your blog, website, and art. Thanks for the beautiful pieces that you brought yesterday. I’ve brought them into my office and placed them on the round table between the chairs. I hope that we can get together after the holidays so I can see more pieces of your work. I can’t wait until you meet Jo…you guys will really connect. Love and light—Monica Roberson

  9. Hi Katarina,

    I met you at the Sophia Conference in Coronado this year, and had the honor of participating in your group. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful blog. Your life is an inspiration!

    Many Blessings,
    Gina Brown

  10. We must have been in the same Misty, Painted Icon class in 2011. I’m Deedee. I also took her unpainted icon class. Absolutely loved my experience at Squam. I went there not knowing a soul, but I think I got to know mine a bit more!

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, looking at your art, photography; and I’m so impressed you were a Marine. I was raised in the Marine Corp. Born in 1948, my dad was in WWII, Korea and two times in Vietnam. It was my life.

    Thank you for sharing everything!

    • Hi Deedee, Squam was amazing and I just adore Misty and her artwork. I think art retreats are so transformative – there is something magical that happens when a group of mostly women show up to create and commune together. I am always transformed by them.

      Big Love,

  11. I was on my way to search for the Zulu greeting that begins “I am here to be seen” when I stumbled across your wonderful virtual gallery. Your work is exquisite. I would love your permission to use some of it in a crazy little church community where I serve part time in Georgia…with full credit and acknowledgement of course. Blessing on your journey of 10,000 hours! Feel free to email me at beth@thinplacecreative.com.

    Thanks for your inspiration!


  12. Katariina,
    It’s been a pleasure getting to know your family. I’m sending you guys love as you embark on what I know will be an amazing adventure. I’ll be checking in here for inspiration and to keep up with that sweet, sensitive boy.
    Peace and love,
    Michelle Hlavenka

  13. You have a beautiful voice Katariina. I am too going through a transition and am finally moving into truly being seen and the raw vulnerability that requires. I’m an artist and finally getting my work out there. I loved your post on really seeing one another. I have experienced this before in womens groups and I’m now creating a group that will hopefully do this for women through art and dance and other experiences. I’m really scared! Doing it anyway! Letting the Divine lead me. 🙂 Good luck and many blessings on your souls adventure, your art and your Audacity! Love that! 🙂 Glad you’re finding your peace after serving your country. It seems to me that you are now serving others in a beautiful way by sharing yourself. ❤

    • Thank you Melissa for connecting. I’m so excited to hear about the group you are creating. Be bold, those women need you and they don’t even know it yet, but I love that you are listening and going for it. Many blessings to you as well. I hope to hear about your journey with the woman’s group!

      Big Love,

  14. You inspire me! Your grace… your irreverence… your boldness… your verve… your talent… YOU are an inspiration – you make me smile. Thank you for being you!

    • Andrew, So great to hear from you. I did make it back and am so happy to be back with my family. St. John Bread and Wine dinner with you and Sara was truly one of the funnest experiences on my trip. I know you will think I am pulling your leg, but its true!

      Can’t wait to meet you Connie!


  15. Hi Katariina! I love your mixed media paintings. You are an inspiration to women who wish and strive to live a full life. Cheers!

  16. Bravo pour votre travail et votre passion ! Je suis professeur en école Steiner à Avignon, en France. Merci pour vos belles vidéos, aussi.
    Pensées bienveillantes sur votre vie.

    • Aurora, Vous remercie de vos paroles aimables et tout le travail que vous faites pour les enfants du monde par l’enseignement à l’ école Steiner Education à Avignon . Excusez mon français , je suis en utilisant google traducteur .

      Beaucoup D’Amour,

  17. Hello, I really love your chair, is it all handpainted or did you use other techniques also? Let me know, I do have a couple of old chairs which I would like to,give a second life too!

    • Carole, Sorry for the delay in response we’ve been traveling. The chair was entirely decoupage using many of my paintings printed on paper and decoupaged onto the chair. I also used other images and even wrapping paper. I hope this helps and happy creating. I would love to see what you create!!

      Big Love,

  18. Oh Katariina! I can not tell you how much I love your handprinted & decoupaged chair. I have my mother’s sewing chair that I knew I wanted to do something with, and this is just the inspiration I needed. Thanks of much!

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