double exposures . . .


There is something about a double or triple exposure and blurred images that just makes me so happy.  Perhaps it is because it depicts time as overlapping, or that we can be in two places at once. The idea of parallel lives and time being soft intrigues me to no end. Sometimes it hints at the notion of us having many sides to ourselves alive and colliding all at the same time. Like when the little girl inside who just wants to stay home and play collides with the mother who has to be responsible and make some money to pay the rent.  Blurred images like the one above remind me of impressionistic paintings. There is a certain mystery to this style of photography.

I shot these images with one of my favorite cameras is the Diana. Just this summer I started to play around with her again and I’m in love what is being created. To me it is some kind of magic. This new Diana was modeled after the 1960s version and it creates dreamy, ethereal images.

A teacher of mine recently commented that my photography, even my war images have a certain romantic quality about them. This makes sense to me since I’m highly influenced by Anne Brigman (click on this link and scroll down to see some of her images) who was a photographer around 1910s and shot very soft, dreamy romantic images.

Diana is peculiar because she is plastic, blue and quirky; oh and temperamental. She takes 120 film and shoots it in a square format. She has light leaks, vignettes, blurs, etc. She is similar to the Holga another plastic camera, but something a little different, I’m not sure I can even describe. It is amazing that each image on the roll of 16 images is in its own way so unique and interesting to me.

To learn more about Diana, Holga or Lomos go to

Thanks for indulging me with your time to view my work. My beautiful daughter, Raine lent me her modeling skills and my dear friend Magdalena lent me her home, backyard and beautiful dress.

Big Luscious Love,



a prayer for Raine . . .

My beautiful daughter Raine is now at boarding school 800 miles away. It’s a bittersweet experience for me; I know she is going to have the time of her life and make life-long friendships, but I miss her presence in our home. She is so funny with a mature sense of humor that always makes me laugh; and she is the one that understands me more than anyone on the planet.

Recently I read of a time when girls living hundreds of years ago went through an initiation into womanhood at about the age of 12 to learn the sacred ways of healing, living and guiding others.  This led me to dream up what feminine wisdom I could pass onto Raine before she left our home.

I imagined a secret school for girls like an etiquette class but oh-so-different. It would be a school to initiate girls into learning how to show up in the world in their power, using their most powerful skills, assets, knowledge in the best ways possible.

These are some of the things I would invite them to practice:

  • Alignment with the highest part of ourselves
  • Breathing deeply
  • Drinking water often
  • Learning to listen
  • Learning how to calm and address those emotions within through caring for the child within
  • Learning responsibility
  • Learning to take focus off of self
  • Awakening to and honoring the memory of our ancestors – women folk.
  • Learning to be direct and transparent while staying in their own power center.
  • Experiencing the power of field of energy that exists between us and learn how to increase it.

Well she left too soon for that to happen, but I also know there is still plenty of time to initiate her into all of this; a lot on this list she already knows because I have shared it with her and we practice a lot. With this in mind, I wanted to send her to school with a reminder of her powerful connected self. So I made this poster to go on her wall in her dorm next to her bed. I hope she reads it often and doesn’t forget. I’m already thinking of the next poster to create and send to her – perhaps a photo of herself with a phrase over it. I will be sure to share as I create them.

i saw Venus in me . . .

A few months before my wedding I realized that my weight wasn’t going away and I had only one choice; I needed to accept my body just as it is and find a fabulous dress. Luckily finding the dress was easy. Learning to love my body continues to come along in stages.

My Feminine Power practices taught me how to check in with that uncomfortable feeling, ask how old it is and then ask what she is feeling and what she needs. Well as I went through this process, I learned that she was about 6 years old, felt un-lovable, awkward, ugly, not pretty enough, wrong and different.  She told me she needed to just be loved unconditionally and to be told she was loved no matter how she looked. I kept working with this process whenever any uncomfortable feelings arose. It’s the instant soother.

When the wedding day arrived, I felt radiant and so much love for Larry and everyone present. As my lovely maidens cinched up my dress, I asked them to make sure it wasn’t too tight as all the flesh had to go somewhere and although more flesh in the front gives me more boobage, extra flesh in the back just looks like back fat seeping over my beautiful dress. They made no promises but assured me I would look radiant. I took another gulp of wine and clung to the bed post as they tightened even more, taking the breath out of me.

As I told you in previous posts, it was the most exquisite celebration and I felt absolutely lovely all through the evening. But then . . . the photos from friends starting rolling in and I quickly discovered just how much back fat was oozing over my dress.

I was literally stricken in the gut but a familiar self-loathing feeling. I have since named that part of me, Sergeant Zero-Tolerance; and she is pretty serious about what is okay and what is not okay for me. I actually think she means well; she’s trying to keep us safe and within proper regulations. The problem is her methods are destructive and debilitating to the whole-ness of me. My heart races, my blood runs thickly, I start to panic, walls come up within me, I get angry and I try to figure out who is in on this conspiracy to destroy me. I guess that would be paranoia. It took days to come down away from the edge and realize nothing had changed, I was still that lovely, gorgeous bride, Larry loves me, and my family and friends adore me unconditionally, just as I am.

The last stage was when I got the professional shots from our incredible photographers Joy and Donny Prouty of Wildflowers Photography. I truly embraced the beauty of the day, the joy and love that was expressed.

The the mourning doves showed up on my back patio. I know that when an animal shows itself often or suddenly that there is usually a lesson to be learned or a message being presented. So Dove Medicine indicates a peaceful, calm, gentle and giving person. They are monogamous and most importantly they are the sacred animal of Venus, the goddess of love and pleasure.

Laura, our celebrant at our wedding had read my Jyotish (Indian Astrology) and among a ton of things, she told me I had a lot of Venus in my chart. I didn’t really know what to make of that, other than Laura told me to do some daily Sun Salutations in her honor.

But then as I learned more about Venus being the Goddess of Love and Pleasure and I looked at paintings and statues of her created throughout the ages by artists. She was voluptuous, beautiful, oozing with love and sexuality, inviting people to enjoy life, connection and beauty. As I looked again through the wedding photos, I saw Venus in me. It wasn’t just in my physical form but in the gathering that I created which was full of pleasure, good food, plenty of drinks, and the joy of connecting.  When I shared this with Laura this is what she wrote;

“Yes, I so see Venus in your wedding photos. Definitely. In her material self she is comfort and color and sexuality: all velvet and lace, like your wedding. In her higher self, she is attractive, luring us to the divine reality that all is beauty, love, harmony and oneness.”
So this is where I am on my journey to falling madly in love with myself – just as I am!

lomo photography in San Fransisco

Recently we flew to San Fransisco for a dear friend’s wedding and stayed downtown at the Marine Memorial Hotel near Union Square.  On one of our outings to find trains for Finnegan to ride we stumbled upon the Lomography store & Larry bought me a new toy camera to play with.

As many of you know, I love double or triple exposures and this camera lets you play with that. My first photos were taken with a special red toned film that Lomography makes. I used to make multiple exposures as an accident, but I’ve now been playing around with making them intentionally.

These are some of the first images I took while cruising around San Fransisco.

Big Luscious Matrimony

It’s been so long since I’ve visited with you all here on these pages. So much has happened and I’ve travelled great distances; from Spain to France to California. But more significantly is the distance I’ve travelled in my own personal evolution.

Over the past few months I dug my toes deeply into the warm, earthy dirt that my relationship with Larry grew from. In a beautiful ceremony in Dripping Springs, Texas we deepened our roots by marrying each other amongst the ancient oaks and our loved ones.

It was a kooky, sweet, touching, tearful, sacred, perfectly imperfect ceremony led by our sweet Goddess, soul-sister, Laura Plumb. My maidens danced down the aisle to “You Can Count on Me by Bruno Mars. I walked down with my dear friend, Brian Wright to “Ong Namo” by Snatum Kaur. 

Oh my Beloved
Kindness of the Heart
Breath of Life
I bow to You

And I’m coming home
And I’m coming home
And I’m coming home
And I’m coming home

These are the words I walked down to, it felt as if I were coming home to my soul mates, heart. It was very touching for both of us. Before I could step out the door, Finnegan took my bouquet in exchange for this ring bearer pillow, which was indicative of the entire ceremony.

After we kissed sealing our vows forever, we danced back down the aisle with everyone in tow to Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes’, “Home.”  Are you seeing a theme here?

Despite all the crazy disruptions of dogs, toddlers and sobbing tears it was the most moving, original, reflective ceremony I had ever witnessed and being a former wedding photographer, I’ve been to my fair share of weddings  (I wonder if all brides feel this way :o).

I wanted to share our first 8mm wedding highlight clip with you all.


For another peak into the bodacious weekend celebration click on this flickr page right HERE!

Big Luscious Love to you all,

The newly coupled, wedded, amalgamated, hitched, espoused, blissfully rooted in love, Katariina!

Well This is it!!!! (but I forgot to post)

I can’t believe it is finally here! The Big Luscious Wedding Ceremony Weekend in Austin. Well technically it is in Dripping Springs.

Am I ready? You may ask. Well most people have said that I’m very calm for a bride to be, now this could be that I’m a bit older & this isn’t my first rodeo (if you know what I mean), but I tell them that it is because because I’m heavily medicated then I just laugh, because that is not true. I think it must be my nature.

ugh!!! overwhelm

I don’t have much time to write because I still have to make programs. I’m such a procrastinator.

I’ve wanted every moment of the planning of the wedding to be the wedding as well. With intention and being in the moment and loving the moments knowing that I was infusing my intention in everything I made and deepening our roots as a family.

My best friend, Ginger, planned & hosted a beautiful Bridal Party Bonding weekend for us all in Temecula. She was so creative & colorful & my sister, Kristeen helped decorate everything perfectly.

bridal party bonding weekend

It was a deep, sweet weekend with all my girls, all of whom I’m so excited to have in my wedding.

I made this out of old sweaters!!

Okay there is so much I want to share but I must finish this program in the next hour. I will share the festivities with you on the other side!!!

gardening relationships

Our enchanted front yard garden is overflowing with grandeur. The juicy abundance feels so exuberant with greens, reds, yellows and oranges. In Houston it takes only a little effort to have a garden grow & then overgrow.

Our unruly tomatoes are sprawling over the edge of their container & taking over the entire front lawn, sweet peas are creeping up the fence in front of the sunflowers with the help of some twine Larry put up. Their swirling tentacles are like magic, or intelligent at the least. Then we are growing spinach, lettuce and a new baby papaya tree in the rest of the containers.


sweet peas

Finn usually eats the little orange tomatoes as they ripen & we picked our first red big tomato just yesterday. We are teaching him how to pick peas off the vine and crunch on them.


All of this gardening & growing reminds me of how our family is taking root in this new chapter coming up next weekend where Larry & I are committing to one another in a ceremony in front of our community. The purpose of a marriage for me is to deepen the roots in the relationship.

I guess I can see that is how the juiciest of sustenance is created in gardening as well as in relationships. When we cultivate, nurture & share with our community, the plants or each other the deeper the roots grow & hence a richer experience in food, love & family.


Papaya Tree

the neighbors blackberry bush

onion flower

bliss lettuce


Farmstand Flowers & a Mermaid Dress!

There is so much going on here getting ready for the wedding that I barely have time to share. But I feel I must!! It’s really just to much fun not too.

Two weeks ago we took a trip up to Austin to visit the wedding venue, swim at Barton Springs, find Alaska (one of my brides maids) a dress and take care of any loose ends.

Well we found the most beautiful dress for Alaska, she says she feels like a mermaid in this dress. AND we found the coolest flower farm stand in Blanco. This is where we will buy the flowers and then take them back to the barn to assemble into very organic and fun bouquets and arrangements. A big part of our wedding celebration is creating and strengthening our community, so putting the flowers together is part of that bonding.

We are so excited that at the wedding there will be a mixture of locally grown fresh cut flowers & wild flowers arranged and in our bouquets. I’m excited to see how it all turns out. If you are coming to the wedding, come by on Saturday to help everyone put them all together. It’s part of the party. Then after we can all go jump in Hamilton Pool! I hope!!

More to come with only one week to go!!



A Wild Soul Shares … my guest appearance

It’s been awhile since I wrote last. My mind is mush as we draw closer to our wedding celebration in Dripping Springs, TX. It’s actually 18 days away & today I made the ring bearer pillow out of two old sweaters (pictures to follow) & the cake toppers out of Sculpey clay (more pictures to follow).

There really is so much to share with you all, but it is finding the time that I’m finding difficult.

Nonetheless I did want to share this big news and send you all over to the site to read on and learn more about the retreat.

I was recently asked to not only speak at the Call of the Wild Soul art retreat in Somerset, UK this next September, but Erin asked me to write a little bit about my on her blog.

Click here :  or here 

I am tickled by the opportunity and can’t wait to for the retreat. It’s actually going to be quite spectacular with Flora Bowley, Teesha Moore, Madelyn Mulvaney & Orly Avineri. 

Come join me if you can, it will be so much fun, with tons of inspiration & new skills to be learned.

Big Love to all you Lovelies,


ps. now for something random or perhaps I’ve got Hawaii on my mind!

a little random