Well This is it!!!! (but I forgot to post)

I can’t believe it is finally here! The Big Luscious Wedding Ceremony Weekend in Austin. Well technically it is in Dripping Springs.

Am I ready? You may ask. Well most people have said that I’m very calm for a bride to be, now this could be that I’m a bit older & this isn’t my first rodeo (if you know what I mean), but I tell them that it is because because I’m heavily medicated then I just laugh, because that is not true. I think it must be my nature.

ugh!!! overwhelm

I don’t have much time to write because I still have to make programs. I’m such a procrastinator.

I’ve wanted every moment of the planning of the wedding to be the wedding as well. With intention and being in the moment and loving the moments knowing that I was infusing my intention in everything I made and deepening our roots as a family.

My best friend, Ginger, planned & hosted a beautiful Bridal Party Bonding weekend for us all in Temecula. She was so creative & colorful & my sister, Kristeen helped decorate everything perfectly.

bridal party bonding weekend

It was a deep, sweet weekend with all my girls, all of whom I’m so excited to have in my wedding.

I made this out of old sweaters!!

Okay there is so much I want to share but I must finish this program in the next hour. I will share the festivities with you on the other side!!!

Farmstand Flowers & a Mermaid Dress!

There is so much going on here getting ready for the wedding that I barely have time to share. But I feel I must!! It’s really just to much fun not too.

Two weeks ago we took a trip up to Austin to visit the wedding venue, swim at Barton Springs, find Alaska (one of my brides maids) a dress and take care of any loose ends.

Well we found the most beautiful dress for Alaska, she says she feels like a mermaid in this dress. AND we found the coolest flower farm stand in Blanco. This is where we will buy the flowers and then take them back to the barn to assemble into very organic and fun bouquets and arrangements. A big part of our wedding celebration is creating and strengthening our community, so putting the flowers together is part of that bonding.

We are so excited that at the wedding there will be a mixture of locally grown fresh cut flowers & wild flowers arranged and in our bouquets. I’m excited to see how it all turns out. If you are coming to the wedding, come by on Saturday to help everyone put them all together. It’s part of the party. Then after we can all go jump in Hamilton Pool! I hope!!

More to come with only one week to go!!