gardening relationships

Our enchanted front yard garden is overflowing with grandeur. The juicy abundance feels so exuberant with greens, reds, yellows and oranges. In Houston it takes only a little effort to have a garden grow & then overgrow.

Our unruly tomatoes are sprawling over the edge of their container & taking over the entire front lawn, sweet peas are creeping up the fence in front of the sunflowers with the help of some twine Larry put up. Their swirling tentacles are like magic, or intelligent at the least. Then we are growing spinach, lettuce and a new baby papaya tree in the rest of the containers.


sweet peas

Finn usually eats the little orange tomatoes as they ripen & we picked our first red big tomato just yesterday. We are teaching him how to pick peas off the vine and crunch on them.


All of this gardening & growing reminds me of how our family is taking root in this new chapter coming up next weekend where Larry & I are committing to one another in a ceremony in front of our community. The purpose of a marriage for me is to deepen the roots in the relationship.

I guess I can see that is how the juiciest of sustenance is created in gardening as well as in relationships. When we cultivate, nurture & share with our community, the plants or each other the deeper the roots grow & hence a richer experience in food, love & family.


Papaya Tree

the neighbors blackberry bush

onion flower

bliss lettuce


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