new paintings

half of me

Just wanted to share my latest paintings foraged from the depths of my soul using the process learned by the magnificent Flora Bowley.

Instead of planning what I want to paint before picking up the brush, Flora suggests an entirely different approach. She likes to keep adding paint in different manners, using different colors, turning the canvas around until she sees something between the lines, splotches and dots. Then she told us to commit to that insight for a little while and keep adding more paint and on and on. I know that isn’t the best explanation but you’ll have to take one of her workshops to really get it.

The important thing that I learned was that the painting emerges most of the times as a surprise and in order to do this you have to let go of your thinking side and allow your right brain to lead the way.

Some ways to get into your right-brain more are to dance like a fool, move, talk nonsensical or make up silly songs quickly without any thought. Really anything that moves you into your body and out of your head will work.


These are just some of the first paintings to emerge from this style. I love this way of painting and I’m excited to see more emerge in this manner.


watching over me

easy to love

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