in our morning garden

This morning in my garden when everyone was still sleeping upstairs I slipped outside to sip coffee, listen to the birds sing. It was as the fog was slowing lifting that I noticed these little amazing beads of dew on the kale leaves. The light hit them just so that they twinkled and caught my eye. The dew drops were on every other plant but not in the same way they were perched on the edge of the kale leaves like perfectly sewn translucent  beads.

The kale was bedazzled by the morning dew. I’m sure there is a scientific reason to simply explain this jeweled phenomenon but from my ignorant standpoint I just saw beauty & sat in the wet grass trying to capture the balls of perfectly formed water with my iPhone camera. It’s these moments I wish I had a macro lens, but instagram did a pretty good job.

Being an artist is all about slowing down, noticing the things that make your heart stop or just catch your eye & then spending time communing with those things by capturing them in a sketch, having a conversation with them (a snail, tree, small child or a dog) or taking a photo so you can soak it all in later & again & again. Artists see the world differently than most.

As Julia Cameron who wrote the book The Artist’s Way points out, it’s all about paying attention. What are you noticing, paying attention too these days?

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