ode to Finnegan (part I). . .

I wanted to devote an entire post to my sweet little man, Finnegan Nash because he is such a unexpected gift of joy & presence. He continuously is demanding that I BE in this moment with him & to BE in joy in this moment with him. To experience an airplane or a train or even a tractor for him is like me seeing Johnny Depp on the side of the road. The excitement is uncontainable. How cool that level of exhilaration & surprise is around every corner (unlike Johnny Depp).

Every morning pretty much starts the same way – with a smile or a giggle or both. Then the day begins.

My Finnegan is oodles of fun, contemplative, observant, a little mysterious & absolutely built for joy. I am grateful everyday that he showed up in my belly a few winters ago (still trying to figure out how that happened, :o) ). But seriously, Finnegans are super fun.


waking up with a smile

a boys boy?

the joy of packing peanuts



4 thoughts on “ode to Finnegan (part I). . .

  1. he is delicious….I love the last pic, especially…asleep in his car seat with his beloved trucks and automobiles and “side impact tested” seal of approval there on his car seat! Looks like he has certified those great vehicles of play himself!!!!!!

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