Going to the Teahouse for my Birthday . . .

I am on my way this Friday to celebrate my 46th birthday in the best way possible!!! I’m going to an art workshop with Ginger (aka Dianne, with two n’s), my bff, in Berkley, CA.  The artist is Flora Bowley & the studio putting on this fabulous workshop is Teahouse Studio, a center for joyful living, art & conversation. Doesn’t that sound like a place you want to visit?

The fabulous, Flora Bowley

I’ve been trying to figure out how to bring Flora to Houston to teach a workshop but lets face it, Houston is just not that exotic. Not enough to entice her away from traveling to Bali & Mexico. She is a busy woman who is clear about where & how she wants to spend her time (I love this about her!). So when I saw she was teaching in Berkley on my birthday, I called Ginger & we made adventurous plans to fly in for a creative, communing weekend away from dogs (Ginger’s) & babies (mine) oh & husbands.

Here is one of Flora’s paintings. What I’m most excited about learning from her is her process. It is over a series of procedures, meditations, communing with nature that painting like this emerges from within. I love this idea, of course I haven’t actually taken a course from her and her book, Brave Intuitive Painting, isn’t out yet, so I’m merely speculating based on what I’ve heard from others at Squam Workshops last year.

I will let you know what I find out & report back with pictures of course.

3 thoughts on “Going to the Teahouse for my Birthday . . .

  1. wahooooo…i’m sooo happy for you…i love her painting!!! I’m sure all of you will love arting together. 🙂

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (in a few hours)!!! Have a wonderful trip! This Teahouse “trek” 😉 sounds like a fabulous way to celebrate you! Loving you and singing your song xoxo

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