Art Workshop in Somerset, UK!!!

Alright, who wants to join me in the UK this coming September for wild creating with soul-fillled teachers.

Check this out!

The featured instructors are

I took an online workshop with Madelyn this past fall & loved it, I grew so much from her guidance, questioning & way of looking at the world. And . . . my Best Friend Ginger & I are taking a workshop from Flora Bowley at the Teahouse Workshops in Berkley for my Birthday in March. She is fabulous & her process is so intuitive & expressive. I can’t wait to work with her & learn from her.

And still this looks magical! How fun to be in the UK for art making. Who wants to join me? These events are always so much more than just learning some art tips and skills. These can be transformational because of the synergy that occurs when artists converge in one space for the purpose of expanding.

So who wants to join me this next fall in the UK?

The Tor in Glastenbury

7 thoughts on “Art Workshop in Somerset, UK!!!

  1. This is one of the most soulfully rich blogs I’ve ever seen 🙂 Your work is beautiful, as are you!
    Thank you for posting about our happy little retreat in the UK – we think you are pretty magical too!

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