my cup runneth over . . .

and he is up!!!

Mmmmmm, what a lusciously sweet day yesterday that is lingering & meandering into today. Our moms (aka the Grandmas), dad Pete, Larry’s boys, Zac, McKenzie & Ellie (McKenzie’s Ellie), Raine, Finnegan oh & our German friends, Soern & Tom( the baby -Judith is in Germany) all gathered together, for communing, typing, laughing, snoozing, sharing, creating & on & on (a lot of on & on). The food was fabulous, the drinks were flowing, Raine gave a sweet blessing & then we all crashed. I hope everyone had a magical, loving Thanksgiving as well. My cup runneth over for all of you as well & being able to share all this with you. Mwaaaaah!!!

my mom

the grandmamas

Zac makes breakfast tacos

momma & Ellie

Raine cooks french onion soup

raine & her grandma

everyone helps out

tom with daddy!

the boys

swimming baby boys

and they crash

2 thoughts on “my cup runneth over . . .

  1. Love the final food coma shots! 😉 Happy Thanksgiving to you and your precious tribe! Loving you and so grateful for all the beauty you bring into the world by being YOU!!! Thanks for sharing glimpses of your beautiful holy-day! xoxo

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