sporting new luggage . . .

my new luggage

So this is what I played with in the studio today. I bought a piece of vintage luggage last weekend at TExas Junk Store with the intent of painting it. I worked on one side today. I actually got this idea from a magazine that I can no longer find, but thank you for the inspiration who ever you are that was published in whatever magazine that was.

another look at this.

Also this painting has been hanging over our bed for quite sometime, but I haven’t really liked the color (it’s my mission to REALLY understand color) so I changed the color up a bit today. So a new take on an old piece.

the remix

Lastly this crow print/painting was created last week on a spur of the moment decision to create something that day & everyday for that matter. But this is what I came up with. Interesting stuff showed up in the scribbles. Like a black & white TV with the word “ouch” next to it. It’s an image from childhood. Crow is the protector of the castle. I am the castle.  Hmmmmmmmm?

the year i was born . . .

3 thoughts on “sporting new luggage . . .

  1. Thanks Tina! Don’t you think it would be more insteresting at the baggage carousel if everyone had unique painted luggage instead of the plane black ones that all look the same? So are we going to Squam together next year? or how about Spring?

    • Yes…hehehheee…the baggage claim carousel would be so much more alive with luggage like yours!! 🙂 And Squam…that sounds very enticing indeed…so does Malibu next Fall…hmmmm…maybe you can put Larry on that one to make the dates work so they both can work…lol. It feels good to allow oneself the gift of being inspired by others…thanks for truly BE-ing, living, breathing your heART to share this gift with me, Katariina! 🙂

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