living in the inbetween . . .

i want to live here in the inbetween moments that make the mundane magical. it’s like living in poetry, where eating lunch is a symphony of sweet scents, explosive tastes, subtle flavors all swirling together. It’s in the slowing down that i can slip into this realm & fall in love again & again with life – with this life.

but how do I maintain this, how do i live here always, never in a rush, just loving, feeling, & breathing in the sensations of life – all of life surrounding me, mingling with me, flowing with me. this space is liberating while confining me to my own skin. it is freeing yet weighing me down in this moment. the backs of my arms are so heavy that i can barely type yet i feel alive.

how do i maintiain this & is it even possible or desirable to remain here so centered in my own body, floating in my own skin, feeling everything, hearing everything?

.  .  .  aware.

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