the inspiration i bathed in . . .

I went to Squam Art Workshops not knowing a lot about what was going to happen. It was my first time & I didn’t know anyone. I went with an open heart just to see what this would be & eager to learn all that I could. My creativity is still in a development stage & I’m just trying everything on to see how it fits, flows & brings joy. I keep reminding myself that I’m just playing, nothing serious is going on here.

I was lucky enough to be in the airport shuttle to the camp with five amazing women who so funny & kind – we laughed the whole way there & I knew the weekend was going to wonderful. I can’t even begin to list all the things I learned & all the ways I was changed, but I am NOT the same woman who arrived that day.

If anyone is interested in expanding their world of creativity, no matter where you are today, I HIGHLy recommend you getting your butt up to New Hampshire (bring your winter clothes) and dive into this lake of beauty, community, creativity, laughter & color called the Squam Art Workshops. Join me next year!

Misty Mawn taught my first class on Painted Icons. I have been a fan of Misty’s work for some time now so I was a little star struck when I first met her. I was giddy to be able to play with paint with her & the amazing women in that class. The paintings that we created that day were all so gorgeous, emotive & unique in everyone’s own expression.

Here is what it looked like:

Misty Mawn

Misty Mawn

icon sketches

start of icon - I used Iraqi girl photo to left, Our Lady & the Santa Fe sculpture for inspiration

my icon

Icon painted by Jenica McKenzie - I LOVE this !!!!!

Then I learned how to crochet a necklace in a cold, dark room by the colorful Alix Bluh. Alix is an amazing jewelry artist (think blacksmith or smithy) in San Fransisco. The class ended up in front of a roaring fire crocheting, telling stories & feeling great. It was so old world (perhaps not the right term) but I loved it. I wish I had more of that.

my talisman creation - I stamped BIG LOVE on it!

On Saturday, I spent the morning mixing paint to create color pallets with Mary Beth Shaw. This class fit right into my desire to understand color better. Mary Beth cleared a lot of my confusion around color palettes. I still have some, but I think the more I play with it, I will gain an intuitive sense of works for me.

painted palettes

one of my palettes

It’s hard being back & trying to get into the oh-so-different pace of this world with baby, teenager & husband all wanting my attention but it is also so nice – it’s always good to be home when home feels like home, & this home does.

Big Love, Katariina

12 thoughts on “the inspiration i bathed in . . .

  1. katarina – i was in both of your classes and just realized it. it was my first time at squam too and i was just so blown away, i think i was in shock with so many creative people (like you ) all around me. i hope i can go again next year too, and if so i’ll see you there,but if you’d like to stay in touch i would love it-i’m sorry i didn’t t get a chance to talk to you much when we were there. great posts- i don’t have the energy yet-i’m still in re-entry phase.warmly, brigid

  2. i’m so glad you took the leap and we met! your work is incredible, you can call it play as long as you want to, but you have true talent. (and a great rack ;-D) xxoxo

  3. Kateriina your self-portrait is beautiful! We were in Mary Beth’s class together and crossed paths several times at the dining hall. I am so grateful we did and I am *thrilled* that you came to S.A.W. Otherwise I would’ve missed out on meeting you.

    Big hugs,
    Stephanie : )

  4. i feel changed, too…. and so grateful for this experience. thank you so much for taking my class. your painting is beautiful. i hope you keep painting and creating… (playing) you got what it takes! 😉 the necklace you made is fabulous! loved being able to see it in person at lunch.

  5. Oh my, your work in Misty’s class and your necklace are fabulous!! I think your creativity is pretty fab, darlin’!!
    Loved reading about your experiences. And yep, keep working that color-it was lovely having you in class.

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