family night in Houston

the hubcap grill

This is the new burger & beer joint near our house. Everyone was raving about the burgers so we went to check it out. It was funky in an Austin, Texas sort of way, they had some good beers like Kilt Lifter but the burgers were just okay. The owner is super-successful & actually has a few of these joints around Houston. We had fun playing games in the back after chowing down on the burgers. I, of course, did not partake in burger munching, but did have a sip or two of beer! Nom, Nom!!!

ordering at the hubcap

Product Placement Dr. P


more product placement


this burger is eating Finnegan


kilt lifter


bean bags & ping-pong


Raine juggling



We want to use this sort of corrugated tin in our backyard on a short wall. We love the beer signs as well & have our collection started on our fences. Our backyard is starting to look more & more like an Austin Beer joint than our original plan, but when in Rome, right. Ya, I know we’re not in Austin, but Houston loves those Austin style decor!

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