sunday in Santa Fe

I spent Sunday meandering & wandering through town soaking in all the contrasting colors & textures. Most of these images were taken on Canyon Road with my iPhone Instagram, long after all the galleries were closed for the evening. I took photos until my battery ran out . . . & then it rained.
Kakawa is one of my favorite spots in Santa Fe. They serve the most amazing drinking chocolates – like the hot chocolate we used to drink before we added milk & sugar. I sipped my little cup of Rose Chocolate & savoured every sip – heavenly.


red chiles

Old Santa Fe Trail

1 thought on “sunday in Santa Fe

  1. Gorgeous images Lovely! And my aunt Kathy, who used to work for Trader Joe’s works for Kakawa! Or maybe she works for another chocolate shop – is there another one in SF? I would not be surprised! ;o) Loving you and all of the revealing (of shme) and healing you are dancing in these days! Dance audaciously sister! xoxo

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