my Raine makeup makeover

the makeup artist

My daughter, Raine, loves makeup. She has 120 different shades of eye shadow in one pallet, tons of brushes, mascara & who knows what. Her new favorite store is Ulta, she gets all giddy in there – it’s almost too much goodness, sort of like Disneyland or something.

Youtube has videos on how to create different looks which she watches regularly. Perhaps someday she will work for MAC or some cool new line of makeup.

She’s really good, but has never worked on someone with different faces with different kind of eyes, different age, etc. I volunteered to be her first subject. It is a little strong under the eyes, in fact I’ve never put eyeshadow under my eyes & I haven’t worn blue eyeshadow since I was 14, but it was fun to see her artistic talents & be a part of it. I need a more rock n roll haircut to go with the make up.

She promises me to have another go at it.

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