handmade & recycled from etsy

earrings from etsy

If you haven’t perused the wares of Etsy, you are in for a treat. Click here for a sampling. Just click on that link (the one back there – the underlined one).

The cool thing about etsy, well that I love about etsy is that it is all handmade or vintage items, not to mention so beautifully styled & laid out so creatively I feel like I’m discovering hidden treasures every time I go shopping. EYe cAndY! That’s what it is! Eye Candy!!! Once I get started looking on Etsy I have to pry my fingers off the key board just so I can feed the baby or go to bed or something. It’s like crack for the creative soul. well maybe kind of.

Most recently I bought a Turkish Delight tin from England & Fiesta Earrings. I photographed them for you & noticed that something interesting is taking shape in my being. I’m buying yellow things. I tend to steer clear of yellow but lately I’m loving it. Anyways, I love, love, love these new things & most things I find there.

turkish delights tin

Part of living lusciously is being conscious of the energy that is in the objects & that goes into the objects that surround you & that you consume. This tin is a silly little ornate piece that has brought a smile to my face every time I walk past it. It has a history, a lineage that continues. How did it travel to my house from England? Then these earrings were put together by an artist who thoughtfully came up with this colorful design. Then after creating these earrings, she packaged them with a sweet ribbon & a personal message. That’s another wonderful thing about Etsy is the personal touch & conversations I can have with the artist or seller.

I think that I may one day be a seller on etsy, that will be cool, but for now I’m just playing, still playing with art. Cheers! and don’t forget to click on the link.

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