around here it feels safer

nicaraguan drift wood

My current state of being, unfolding, discovering keeps me close to home. I move from the front porch/garden to the kitchen, the great room, my studio & soon out back in our pool (they are working on it this week). I feel most comfortable here. Perhaps it’s the avoidance that they say those with PTSD do best, but I find it feels safer & creates less anxiety – it’s just easier. Plus there is so much right here to explore, tend to, care for & create. I am officially addicted to my iPhone camera Instagram app! (as if you couldn’t tell).





1 thought on “around here it feels safer

  1. I have finally sat down to read your blog postings. You are a wonder Katariina. And so full of love. Thank you for starting this blog and sharing it with the world. It has hit me on so many levels. Love you so much, Carla

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