gypsy love chair

Dum ta da Daaaaah!!!!  (my version of a drum roll)

This is the Gypsy Love chair finally complete. I have been working on this chair for over six months, a little at a time, trying to figure out where to go with it next.

I found this chair in the garbage pick up pile across the street from our house. The neighbors left her there. I hate to see chairs sitting alone on the side of streets, I’m not sure why but there is something sad and lonely about it. So I rescued this one and upcycled it into this crazy creation!

I love how she turned out because she makes me smile when I see her.

 This is the honorary place that she sits in our dinning room.


19 thoughts on “gypsy love chair

  1. looooved this the first time i saw it and had to revisit it again on this rainy morning to relax in its happiness…what a pick-me-up!! Thank you Katariina, for taking the time to share this art journey with us…i feel like i get to know you through your work which is a beautiful thing!

  2. I adore this chair, everything about it. the bird sitting on the top and the tasseling on the bottom are inspired! I will send you some pics of a small table I decoupaded (home made and then dumped in the rubbish collect by someone), I could not leave it there – and the coat rack, donated by a friend – but neither is as good as Gypsy Chair. You are an artiste.

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