mornings, sunflowers & poop

My mornings are no longer mine alone to sit & sip my cafe con leche while I write in my journal. Instead my mornings are filled with constant movement & distraction. Today a Finnegan boy sprays me with the water hose while laughing when I scream. I pick tomatoes, fix him breakfast, water the jungle, keep the cat away from his breakfast, keep Finn from dragging the cat across the front porch by his tail. Then I clean Finn’s hands of the clumps of kitty hair before he starts to eat again. We sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star for the 20th time so far. I long to open my journal, scroll a few thoughts down.

But the breeze is blowing & it’s only around 85 degrees, feels like a warm blanket. The birds are chirping in our tree and the cicadas are singing from a tree across the street. I’m sitting in the shade of our urban jungle garden with sunflowers too many to count, reaching their faces toward the sun. This morning, this place, this moment, this allowing is paradise.

And my boy is happy and my girl is snuggled up in her nest sleeping her summer vacation away. Larry is on his way home from three days in Austin.

Oh, most importantly, the nanny will be here soon, so all is well from my vista.

THanKs be tO LoVe,



Just before the Nanny arrived Finn pooped & when I took off his diaper he ran over to the cat and sat on him leaving a skid mark in his fluffy white fur. The poor cat had no clue & Finn was very pleased.

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