my little man & his hats

Finn & Zuri

Finnegan loves hats. He has many of them and . . . I have to say, I love a man in a hat, don’t you?

Finn and Zuri

Finn's driving hat

what are you doing, I'm driving!

Lar & Finn

Finn loves those tomatoes. Good thing, we’ve got a ton. :o)

3 thoughts on “my little man & his hats

  1. You have no idea how happy these photos make me! What a precious gift this wee Finnegan really is! Today Liam would be 8 and a half. Treasure this time (and I can see that in spite of it all, you truly are!). Love you sister! Smoochies to Finn and Lar!

    • Liam – the wonder boy who never took a breath in this world as we know it yet still touches so many of us deeply. He lives in my heart & I didn’t even know his momma at his emergence into your life. How cool is that? Thank you Heather for giving us the gift of Liam, to know him through the story you keep alive. I wonder what you two are doing today in Boulder this summer day in that parrellel universe. I think about that place every so often.

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